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In the Future in the future we've got solar powered cars taking tourist trips to mars where they still need women in the future we've got all diseases cured not an ounce of pains endured in the future love's the word i remember in the past we had dreams that wouldn't last about days like these to come but we'd worry and we'd fret about things like hate and death it all seems so foolish now in the future we've got seven day weekends thanks to all our robot friends and they raise our children in the future there's no poverty or war and we're cloning dinosaurs so no one's lonely anymore looking back it seems so sad everyday the news was bad ah but look how far we've come in the past we could not see had so much anxiety so we took a lot of drugs in the future we've got tv in our shoes in smell-o-vision too now no one ever gets the blues in the future things get better everyday and everyone is gay and we're all so happy

Oblivion i wrote a letter to the sun said continue until i'm done so keep on shining o holy one until you reach oblivion

Egrets i could've i should've if i'd known i would've just tried to I'd like to go back in time and make things right you said so i didn't know what to say to that so i chose to say nothing now it seems that everything is wrong was there anything i could have done to avoid things from coming to this cause I'd like to believe that i did the right thing but there's feelings that i can't dismiss i know that it's late but i haven't slept in days so if you would just try to listen and understand that i would like to tell you so there's no misunderstanding and if you will hear me take my hand we'll try to make things right

We Tried was it up to me I'd keep in mind that we tried over and over this was not in vain holding on 'til something stronger tears us both apart and brings us back to where we started from alone let it go so let it come let it go let it come let it go i know it's hard to just let go and drift away but there's gonna come a day when we can smile when we pass and say hello

On My Head why are you standing on my head you look at me as if I'm dead you're not the only one that can i found a flounder in my bed it's no coincidence you said you're not the only one you're not the only one you're not the only one that can when you walked into my house you could have turned into my spouse was i imagining that i was dreaming and if you are coming now would you tell me now that i recall how it all came to this before it goes away what are you going to control i don't know where are you going to go where are you headed let's go home you're not the only one that can

Lost it's cold outside they say that when it gets cold outside you can hear what the world is thinking you run and hide another mile or two that you run just to keep yourself from sinking what good is a free life when you're living in a coffin and what good deeds to be done when in time they will all be forgotten and it's long overdue and it's all coming true and now doesn't it just break your heart it's been a long time since you've had a lot to give it's been a long time now but you shouldn't have to give in when the time comes when the earth crumbles down into the ocean will we still be in our infancy asking god above for mercy i know we're finding ourselves lost under the stars if there's no peace on earth at least there's peace on mars it's cold outside

The Forest every leaf in the forest has fallen from the trees no bright sun shines down on us nor moon by which to see every town is forsaken the cities are empty every hospice and hostel is filled with vacancy i wander alone through the ruins of my home condemned to reside in this way 'til i die why all these words that I'm saying they don't mean a thing they lost all of their meaning the day that you left me

Sunshine Day sun came out and washed the rain away felt like everything would be OK and all the children kept in schools told their teachers "hey you fools we're going out to greet the sunshine day" stepped out my front door and walked a while everybody waved at me and smiled i shook some hands and made some friends found my enemies and made amends and everyone enjoyed the sunshine day sunshine day driving through the city was a breeze all the traffic lights were stuck on green saw people dancing in the park so i joined them on a lark and we sang songs about the sunshine day feel the sunshine we danced into the night the sunshine felt so right and in the morning light i think i heard somebody say it's gonna be a sunshine day

I Was Born i was born a sailor with a tubesteak for a hand and i can't explain it so that you would understand and i tried to tell you when I'm wrong I'm right and i tried to tell you that I'm wrong every motorboat's been mortared into plasticene i stay out in public cause my private life's obscene and i tried to tell you i was wrong I'm right and i tried to tell you that I'm wrong wrong wrong wrong what are we coming to tonight my arms are too tired out to fight i wanna go back to the time when everything we did was right why are you telling all those lies you used to look me in the eyes and i tried to tell you that I'm wrong I'm right and i tried to tell you that I'm wrong wrong wrong wrong what are we coming to tonight we once were lovers at first sight but all we ever do is fight perhaps it's time we said good night

Not About This he calls your name and you answer it's all the same he used to be me every night i awake to the sound of your voice you are keeping me up keep it down now you're the one who lied I'm the one who cried now i've been replaced and i can't sleep

This World what is this world coming to if I'm in love with you upside down high and low east is west stop and go when i was cold and lonely you were there to hold me and when i needed someone you shot me with a gun in the face and that hurt pretty bad in the face yeah why in this world should it be if love is blind i can see right is wrong four is three here and gone woe is me why does this love feel like breaking up i ask the gods who should i worship but there's no answers from above will we ever never ever never learn

Unfulfilled i never wanted to be loved I've always felt unworthy of the selfless gesture of a friend i could never comprehend you told me once that i was free to live unemotionally convinced one day that i would find that i had lived a life half-blind but with some time i guess this loneliness was bringing me down and now i confess your tenderness has turned me around what is it like to be alive I've never understood just why though I've been stubborn and resigned you've been nothing to me but kind what can i tell you now to show you how I'm changing my mind i guess i'll go on stay withdrawn waiting for the time

Go to Sleep and when I'm tired i go to sleep

Heaven after your soul reaches heaven what are you going to remember winter and spring summer autumn was there a time you've forgotten and all your good friends what do they know and all of your sins what do they show now all of these years you've had to grow have come to an end I'm ready to go

All lyrics are ©2000 by The Human Heads